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Garage Door Repair Wellesley MA

Garage Door Repair Wellesley MAThere will come a time when garage doors show problems and need to be fixed or replaced. Most homeowners think that they can postpone the repairs to a later date. However, if your garage door acts up at a time when you have to rush out of your house to go to work, it will be a major inconvenience. It is best to have it checked out by an expert company who does garage repair in Wellesley. They will be able to look at the underlying cause of why your garage door doesn’t open or worse, doesn’t close.

Security is also a major factor when it comes to garage door repairs. If intruders see that there is a place where they can enter without you knowing, they will take the chance. If your garage door doesn’t work properly and they are able to go inside your house, your family’s security may be in jeopardy.

Garage Door Spring Repair

Garage Door Spring Repair Wellesley MA

Replacing a garage door spring is needed when a spring breaks. There are usually 2 types of garage spring doors.

The first one is the extension spring. It is the spring that is located on the side of the door track overhead. It has a cable and pulley attached. The second one is the torsion spring. They are mounted on top of the door and have a long circular shaft that goes through it. There is also a wheel for each of the cables on the end. It is generally used for heavy doors, about 10 inches or greater.

It would be hard for you to lift the doors without the springs. If this happens, then you have a broken spring. It is best if you hire someone to do repair garage door spring in Wellesley so you do not have to replace it. Nevertheless, if the damage is too severe, replacement needs to be done.

Torsion springs should not be replaced by someone who is inexperienced. It is best to hire companies who are comfortable repairing and replacing them; knows how they work and takes the extra time to prepare for their own safety.

Garage Door Opener Repair

Garage Door Opener Repair Wellesley MA

Garage door openers are an important cog in the garage door mechanism. A door opener consists of electronic as well as electrical components and a problem with any of these components can cause the garage door opener to malfunction. A problem with the door opener is always serious as it stops the door from operating altogether. This is why we send teams very quickly to repair garage door opener in Wellesley so that your garage door can start working again within no time.
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